Part 1: Teaching Living Skills to People with Autism | Teaching your child independent skills - home living, personal care, etc. - can be easier said then done.

    Part 2: Environmental Preparation | It is important that the area in which the skill you want to teach is prepared before you bring the child into the area to increase the chances of having a successful and less stressful...

    Part 3: Using Reinforcers | In the simplest terms, reinforcement is providing or removing something from your child because he or she engaged in a particular behavior, and in the future, that behavior is more likely to occur...
  • Enrollment Now Open for 2018 Fall Social Skills Program

    Social skills are an important and often overlooked element of personal growth for children with ASD. At The Scott Center, we teach children appropriate and adaptive methods to interact with their peers.

    Air travel can be intimidating for families of children with autism. From ears popping, loud and unfamiliar noises, and confined spaces, being on a plane is often overwhelming for anyone with or without special needs.

Parents and Caregivers

The Scott Center for Autism Treatment specializes in working with children with autism and other related disorders by implementing procedures based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. We have experts in the areas of the assessment and treatment of challenging behaviors, early intervention, intensive toilet training, pediatric feeding, and parent and teacher training.

Telehealth Partnerships

The Scott Center is seeking clinical partners for its telemedicine program. The Scott Center is a leader in providing digital intervention services for autism and we are developing a variety of online applications and services. Please contact us for more information about becoming a clinical telemedicine partner.


Researchers and Medical Professionals

The Florida Tech campus is the ideal location for the Scott Center because it integrates an academic component into the facility’s activities. Professional training for FIT undergraduates and graduate students also takes place at the Scott Center ensuring a cadre of future professionals who are committed and prepared to improve the quality of life of children with autism.

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News & Events

Partner Event

August 18, 2018

Partner Event

April 29, 2017

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About The Scott Center for Autism Treatment

We provide comprehensive care to families of children with ASD that combines scientific, evidence-based methods in applied behavior analysis (ABA) with an empathetic, client-centered approach.

Since 2009, the Scott Center has helped hundreds of families learn to overcome many of the behaviors associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The clinic is dedicated to applying research and high quality treatment and training to improve the function and quality of life of children with ASD and related disabilities in Central Florida.

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