Social Skills Programs

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 Social Skills Groups

The enrollment period for our Fall 2019 Social Skills program is closed.

Social skills are an important and often overlooked element of personal growth for children with ASD.  At the Scott Center, we teach children appropriate and adaptive methods to interact with their peers.

What To Expect

The Scott Center's social skills groups are held once weekly for 90 minutes. Groups range in size. Based on age and developmental needs, participants are evaluated before entering the program to determine placement.

While the activities in these groups may differ, the goals for social skills groups are the same:

  1. To increase verbal behavior
  2. To foster the development of friendships
  3. To increase interest in a variety of play and leisure activities
  4. To reduce inappropriate or harmful behavior that interferes with the development of a student's social repertoire that may exclude them from social activities
  5. To increase flexibility in social situations
  6. To increase understanding of social rules and conventions of society
  7. To promote maximum independence in social activities
  8. To develop cooperation and teamwork skills


Social Skills Groups

FIT Club
Serving Ages 5-9
Join us once a week for structured games and sports activities, featuring players from many of FIT’s college sports teams.

FIT Club Panthers
Serving Ages 10-14
Join us once a week for group instruction and sports activities, featuring players from many of FIT’s college sports teams.

Aces for Autism Scholarships provide financial assistance for Social Skills programs. You will find the Application Here.

For more information about our social skills programs, please contact us by phone at 321-674-8106.