Sexual Abuse


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Sexual abuse is NEVER the victim’s fault. Nobody, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, has the right to violate the body and mind of another person.

Reporting Abuse

  • If a child discloses that he/she was abused, Florida State Law requires reporting this immediately to the Abuse registry: 1-800-96ABUSE. ( You may remain anonymous.)
  • Do not try to be a detective. It is NOT your job to investigate. It IS the law to report abuse, and to report as soon as possible to prevent future abuse from occurring.
  • Reducing The Negative Consequences of Sexual Abuse

Therapy is essential in helping sexually abused individuals to reduce the negative effects of the abuse. Some of these negative consequences may emerge later in life, and it is important to be proactive and preventative. Individuals who are sexually abused may have problems trusting others, and they may experience a range of feelings such as shame, guilt, anger, depression, anxiety, and fear. Additionally, victims may develop poor self-esteem, eating disorders, inappropriate sexual behavior, and begin to abuse drugs and/or alcohol. Speaking about the abuse will help to reduce negative feelings, prevent negative behaviors, and will it will promote positive growth and healing.

Individual Therapy

It is often difficult for those who were hurt by abuse to talk about it. Therapists listen and provide support for individuals in a trusting, non-judgmental environment.

Family Learning Program:

The Family Learning Program (FLP) is an outpatient program offering psychological treatment and support to families who have suffered from sexual abuse. Complete services are provided for all members affected by incest or sexual abuse; including both spouses, other relatives and victims of the abuse.

For more information about FLP call Community Psychological Services (321) 727-9956 and request the Family Learning Program, or visit the FLP website:

Suggested Reading

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