Severe Behavior Clinic


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The Severe Behavior Clinic at the Scott Center provides a safe environment for addressing difficult behaviors. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are susceptible to unwanted behaviors due to difficulties with communication skills, social skills, and narrow interests.

What to Expect:

We begin with a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA), which is the process of determining why a child engages in challenging behavior and how it relates to the environment. An FBA helps to determine what purpose the behavior serves for the child and the specific circumstances that led to learning the behavior.

Later in treatment, the Functional Behavioral Assessment will be used to develop an intervention plan to help the child "unlearn" the behavior.

Examples of Possible Outcomes for the Child:

- Better managing his or her day
- Fostering respect from peers
- Developing more effective teacher-student relationships

Truly understanding why a child behaves the way he or she does is the first and best step in dealing with strategies to stop the behavior.

The Scott Center offers Functional Behavioral Assessments by appointment only for current clients. 

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