Pediatric Feeding Clinic

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“The feeding program at The Scott Center For Autism Treatment is based upon the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and is the only one of its kind in Brevard County. It is the only treatment modality that my son responded to, and is single-handedly responsible for the significant improvements in my son's feeding and oral motor skills. The feeding program has changed the quality of my son's life and the quality of our family's life. We are forever grateful for the expertise, dedication, and compassion extended to us by the feeding treatment team!” — Parent

What to Expect:

The Pediatric Feeding Clinic at the Scott Center for Autism Treatment was designed to meet the needs of parents struggling with their child's eating habit due to autism and other conditions. This service is provided daily as outpatient (1-3 hours) or intensive day treatment (5-7 hours).  Once admitted into the program, functional analysis is conducted to define specific environmental factors that contribute to problem behavior during meals. Treatment recommendations are then developed and evaluated. 

Once the child has reached an age-appropriate level of accepting foods and textures, as defined by consumption, weight gain and decrease in problem behavior during mealtimes, training is provided to the caregivers to facilitate generalization into the home.

The Pediatric Feeding Clinic at the Scott Center is available for current clients.

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