The Scott Center for Autism Treatment launches the Law Enforcement Autism Awareness Partner Program


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Autism Awareness Partner Program

The Scott Center for Autism Treatment at Florida Institute of Technology is expanding its mission to combine technology with autism treatment by providing law enforcement officers around the world with guidelines on interacting effectively with people on the autism spectrum. Recognizing the signs of autism and knowing effective ways to approach a person on the autism spectrum can minimize risk to both individuals and police officers. The Scott Center for Autism Treatment recently launched a free online autism sensitivity training partnership program available to law enforcement worldwide—fostering an enriching partnership between with their agency and local community.

Individuals with autism are significantly more likely to come into contact with law enforcement officials over the course of their life and face additional obstacles in their interactions with police. These challenges often come from a lack of awareness and understanding about autism by police.The rise in autism diagnoses, along with a few tragic incidents between officers and people with autism, highlights the need to train first responders and other community members to respond in a way that ensures the safety of everyone involved.

The online autism sensitivity program helps officers recognize common behaviors exhibited by individuals with autism, how best to respond in an emergency situation involving someone with autism, and how to manage risks when interacting. The program offers two options:  free online training for individuals or an agency-wide certification program for a fee. The Scott Center has already successfully trained over 3000 officers in over 100 agencies across the world with the online program.

It is vital that first responders obtain training that allows for them to respond in situations involving this population in ways that allow for the best outcome for everyone involved.

Once a law enforcement agency has completed our free online course, they can apply to join the Autism Awareness Partner Program. Agency partners in the program receive:

  • Official Partner Certificate to display in your lobby
  • Partner Press Release from announcing your Partnership
  • Digital Partner Logo to use on your website or social media
  • Social Media posts to use on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Printed Set of "Question & Answer" Awareness Cards

More information here: Autism Awareness Partner Program