Prospective Clients

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Information for Prospective Clients

If you have never been to the Scott Center before, you need to submit a Prospective Client Request form. Requests for services to evaluate or treat autism spectrum disorder will be reviewed by our staff within five to ten days. Individuals seeking psychotherapy are usually scheduled for an intake appointment within one week of submitting the Prospective Client Request form.

If we can provide applicable services, we will make every effort to schedule you for an appointment. Our ability to provide services depends on the needs of the client, age of the client, and the availability of our staff.  If we’re unable to schedule you for services at this time, you will be added to the waiting list.

CLICK HERE to access the Prospective CLIENT REQUEST FORM


Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information About Health Insurance

Our mission is to help as many individuals, children, and families as possible. You can help us do that by finding out important information about your insurance coverage ahead of time so that you are prepared if we contact you.

You’ll need to know some details about your specific behavioral health benefits. If possible, speak with an autism care specialist or autism caseworker at your insurance provider. 

Please note that outpatient therapy for adults is not covered by insurance. 

Do You Have Behavioral Health Insurance Coverage?

The Scott Center provides behavioral health services that are typically reimbursed by insurance. Behavioral health coverage is different than medical health and traditional mental health benefits.

What are the Specifics of Your Behavioral Health Benefits?

Is the Scott Center in your network? So that they can find us, inform your insurance provider that the Scott Center for Autism Treatment is located at the Florida Institute of Technology. If the Scott Center is not in your network, what are your out of network benefits?

Which Specific Behavioral Health Services are Covered?

The Scott Center provides various behavioral health services. Coverage varies depending on which you receive. Ask your insurer about each of these:

  • An initial evaluation visit
  • An Initial diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Some psychological testing
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

How Many Visits are Covered?
The number of visits covered by your insurer will vary depending on the specific type of service you receive.

What Are Your Behavioral Health Plan Costs and Payments?
Based on the your network and coverage, your insurer can tell you your costs and payments. Keep asking until you’re satisfied that you understand the answer – you’re paying for the coverage and that’s their job!

Make sure you get answers to these key questions. Talk to an autism care specialist or autism caseworker if possible, and ask:

What are my co-pay or co-insurance costs for my visits to the Scott Center?

  • What is my annual deductible?
  • Is my annual deductible for individual or family visits?
  • Do I have out of pocket expenses in addition to my deductible?
  • Do I have an out of pocket expense maximum, after which I’ll have pay the full amount myself?
  • If I have an out of pocket fee or responsibility, does my deductible apply to the out of pocket expense?
  • If you have an out of pocket fee or responsibility, does my co-pay apply to the out of pocket?

How do I get on a waiting list?

Those seeking behavioral health services for autism spectrum disorder are placed on the waiting list after completing the intake process. First, a referral must be sent to the Scott Center for Autism Treatment. Referrals can be made by parents, teachers, physicians, etc. Families will then be sent a screening form to determine whether the services provided by the center are appropriate in meeting the family’s needs. If services are not appropriate, the client will be referred to another agency. If services are appropriate, an initial assessment will be conducted in which staff from the Scott Center meet with the family to directly observe the client. At this point, one of three things may happen: the client may be admitted to the center immediately, the client may be placed on the waiting list, or the client may be referred to an outside agency.

How long is the waiting list?

We have openings in our Outpatient Program for ABA Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Psychological Counseling. We accept new EI clients on the basis of staff availability, the client's age and severity of behavioral deficits.

I can not come to The Scott Center in person, can I still get services?

For families that can not come to the Scott Center in person, we provide behavior analytic services to the following states via telehealth: California, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida. 


What age groups does the Scott Center serve?

The Scott Center for Autism Treatment provides early intensive behavior intervention (EIBI) to children ranging in age from 1 to 8 years. Services for children with autism beyond this age range may be provided on a case-by-case basis. Social skills behavioral services are offered for children primarily between 5-14 years of age. Services are also offered for all age groups in developmental issues and family counseling.

Adults, adolescents, and children are provided individual psychological services through Community Psychological Services (CPS). In addition, families are provided Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).

Who will be providing services?

The Scott Center for Autism Treatment is a learning institution for graduate and undergraduate students majoring in applied behavior analysis or clinical psychology. This means that multiple graduate and undergraduate students will work directly with your child to provide behavior analytic services. Their work is supervised by doctoral level Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Psychotherapeutic and assessment services are provided by graduate students in the clinical psychology doctoral program. Student therapists are supervised by Florida Tech faculty who are licensed psychologists. 

Does the Scott Center hold workshops and seminars?

The Scott Center hosts free community workshops, peer support groups and online webinars. 

For a full list of upcoming events, click here to visit our events page.