Community Psychological Services

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The Community Psychological Services program (CPS) is under the auspices of the Clinical Psychology Program of the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts. The clinicians are graduate students in their second, third or fourth year in our American Psychological Association (APA) accredited, five-year clinical psychology doctoral program. Each clinician is closely supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist of the faculty at Florida Tech.

Our Mission

CPS has a dual mission:

To foster optimal psychological services to the community through assessments using measures that are statistically proven to be reliable and valid, and evidence based interventions; and
Provide a practicum in clinical psychology for graduate students of the doctoral program in clinical psychology of the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts.

The Clinical Psychology Services program provides psychological services to the community. Services include psychological evaluations (personality, intellectual, educational, ASD, probation, and vocational); psychotherapy (individual and group); and community workshops.


For more information about Psychological Services for Autism and Family Counseling, contact:

Contact Person: Jamie Blaszkowiak

Phone: (321) 674-8106

Fax: (321) 726-6727