What is the Parent's Role in ABA Treatment?

Parents are indispensable in the child's program. They play a necessary and critical role.  Studies show that children whose parents are actively engaged in the process make measurable gains . First, no one knows the child better than the parent; the parent's provide critical and insightful information that will help guide the ABA program. Second, parents are able to continue to prompt and reinforce the child through his and her various daily activities - an essential component to generalizing skills. Finally, parents are in a position to be able to record and track data in the home and community setting. This information is vital to understanding what is working and what should be modified.

Being actively involved in your child's ABA therapy doesn't mean you need to observe every session and/or attempt to run your own sessions at home. However, children are with their therapist for only a small portion of each day, so the more they can practice the ABA therapy skills they are learning, the sooner you will begin to see progress. What you can do is to carry over the skills your child is learning in therapy and then practice them during your child's everyday routine.