Main Things to Look for in Teens?

An unusual interest or obsession - for example, he might collect sticks or memorize the train timetable and show little interest in other age appropriate activities.   Compulsive behaviors - for example, he might line things up or have to close all the doors in the house An unusual attachment to objects - for example, he might carry a toy around as a teenager, or collect unusual items like chip packets or shoelaces Becoming easily upset by change or by an interruption in obsessive routines - for example, he might like to sit in the same seat for every meal or have a special order for getting ready in the morning

Repeating body movements or having unusual body movements, such as hand flapping or rocking.  They may make repetitive noises - for example, grunts, throat-clearing or squealing or they may repetitively repeat phrased from a tv show or video game They may be sensitive to sensory experiences - for example, he might be easily upset by certain sounds, or only eat foods with a certain texture They may seek sensory stimulation - for example, he might like deep pressure, seek vibrating objects like the washing machine or flutter fingers to the side of his eyes to watch the light flicker.