How Do I Avoid "Quack" Treatments?

Few conditions have been as fraught with fad, controversial, unsupported, disproven, and unvalidated treatments as autism. Parents, professionals, and paraprofessionals should seek treatments that have been proven to be effective based on scientific evidence. Do not avoid treatment methods such as ABA therapy while investigating alternative treatments. 

The Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, has begun cracking down on quack cures and treatments for autism. Some of these quack treatments include unfounded, overstated, or frankly false claims. "Natural" is one of them. Another is "antioxidant," that vaguely-defined miracle ingredient sprinkled into your breakfast cereal and packed into whatever new "superfood." Cleansing the body of toxins is another quack treatment that the FDA is addressing. Among the other sham treatments facing possible legal action by the FDA are "chelation" therapies meant to bind and remove harmful chemicals from the body, and clay-based detox baths that claim to draw similar substances out of the body. None of them have any basis in fact. Again, I can't over emphasize this point, you should be highly skeptical of any treatment that can not point to scientifically validated studies to support claims of effectiveness.