Airport Travel

When travelling with a loved one with autism, airports can often be a source of anxiety and stress for both the individual with autism, as well as their families. In this video, we will provide some advice to help you get from the parking lot to your terminal as smoothly as possible.

Checking in online before your flight can help save a lot of time, as well as having your bags checked curbside.
Going through security is often the most intimidating part of travelling. Some airports have special lines for families with special needs, but if they don't let a TSA agent know and they will help accommodate you. Take off jackets, belts, and empty everyone's pockets prior to getting into the security line. And no matter what happens, stay calm!

The main terminal is more likely to have a family restroom than the gates, so this would probably be a good time for a pit stop.

Don't hesitate to ask for special assistance getting to your gate. Golf carts and shuttles may be available to make your walk through the terminal much shorter and simpler, or a wheelchair may be provided instead.
Empty gates are great places to sit if your child could use some extra space until your flight departs, or some airports may have a play area for kids. For longer waits, opting to purchase access to the airline lounge may be good, as they often have televisions, snacks, and a quiet place to escape from the sensory overload that often accompanies airline gates.